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Pittsburgh-native singer/songwriter, Brooke Annibale, follows up her brilliant full-length album, Silence Worth Breaking, with an equally stellar EP, Words In Your Eyes. Annibale’s charming, honey-smoked vocals along with her deeply poetic lyrics create a unique brand of folk music that the world so desperately needs.

Words In Your Eyes by Brooke AnnibaleThe gentle, subtle harmonies and mellow, refrained melodies are the backbone of every track with grandiose percussion and a bit of modernization with some electronica for flare, but she never strays from her folk roots. Every note throughout the EP is sung and played with conviction and purpose that is never held back. Annibale’s stunning ability to convey the full emotional spectrum in every song resonates through the soulful vocalist’s heartfelt lyrics. Her relative obscurity is slowly fading as she continues to get more and more commercial exposure on shows like CW’s One Tree Hill and ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars.

Annibale is the future of folk rock and deserves the recognition as such. One of our breakout artists for 2012, she does little to diminish her bright future with her EP, Words In Your Eyes.