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Here in the states, we always seem to find a new band from our friends in the UK to latch onto and become obsessed with and this summer was no exception. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the catchy “Me and my Broken Heart” that found its way onto airwaves around the nation and if you liked it as much as we did here at Lemonade, you probably know the name of the group of guys behind it, Rixton.

I was fortunate enough to chat with them back in the summer and I am very glad to be sharing our conversation with you.

LM: How are you guys doing?

Rixton: Good!

LM: You guys are going to be performing your new single, “Wait on Me” on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Everybody is really anticipating this single, how excited are you guys?

Rixton: Oh wow, we’re really excited! It’s the follow up to “Me and My Broken Heart” so we’re really excited to see what everyone thinks.

LM: Nice! Same her. Nowy ou worked with Benny Blanco on this and he’s worked with artists like Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry just to name a couple. What was it like working with Benny?

Rixton: He worked with us on our entire album. Benny is an interesting guy. Really crazy and fun to work with.

LM: Like you said, he worked with you guys on the Me and My Broken Heart EP as executive producer. The single is all over the place, on MTV, the radio, you hear it everywhere. Congratulations on the success of the EP!

Rixton: Thank you!

LM: What are you guys looking forward to now that you’re headlining a US tour with this EP and what can people expect on tour?

Rixton: Just a lot of energy! We like to put everything into our shows and we really just sat around and thought about it. We like to tell our fans to just leave their troubles at the door and come in, let their hair down and have as much fun as possible!

LM: That’s all you can really ask for! Its awesome that Chex Mix is partnering with you guys and they are going to be doing some videos behind the scenes with you guys. Tell us a bit about that.

Rixton: They are doing a behind the scenes of the tour to let people know what’s going on. I think it’s good because fans get to see what were up to. Some of the silly things, really.